You’ve already solved the escape room and cooked a five-course meal with your colleagues. Now it’s time for a different team-building exercise – collage-making! Team workshops typically last two and a half hours and can be held on location at your office. This length of workshop includes an introduction to collage, a short explanation of materials and tools, and a wrap-up with time to look at the results. I'll provide all the materials and ask you to provide a space with good light where all the participants can sit together preferably at one table. I always dedicate most of the time to making collages.
I want to book a team workshop
This workshop provides inspiration and insights, but we can also tailor a custom workshop to your team. Suppose you have a specific theme in mind or want the workshop to complement an aspect of professional training; there are great ways to do this with a collage workshop, for example, diversity and coherence or mindfulness.

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