On a side note, when I’m not making collages, swimming in the sea or doing another pile of laundry, I’m writing. More specifically, writing for and about other people. As a freelance translator (Dutch to English) and writer at firstaidfortext.com, some of my articles are about collage makers and artists that inspire me. If you want me to write for you, get in touch because I’m always happy to talk and write about artists and collage!


Anna van der Putte

“The finding, sorting, and arranging is the basis of everything. Finding treasure, whether in a dumpster or on the street, at the beach or in a thrift store, it is all about the hunt. After that comes the soothing process of sorting and arranging. It is always the broken things I am drawn to. I want [...]

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Danièle Knirim

Danièle Knirim is a collage artist living and working in The Hague under the name Hiervandaan; a play on words literally translated as ‘from here’ but also referring to her nickname Daan. Her striking work features portraits of women, anonymous figures and beautifully pieced-together birds. Although instantly recognisable, her collages of romantic scenes and melancholic […]

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Marjolein Burbank

Marjolein Burbank lives and works from her home atelier in the Hague, in the Netherlands. Marjolein is a textile artist and the majority of her work leans toward textile and threaded pieces, but her work also spans (threaded) collage and assemblage. She has travelled and lived abroad in Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Austria and Thailand, always […]

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