A few times a year Collage Kitchen hosts socials at great locations in and around The Hague, such as the Fotomuseum Cafe Gember, Museum Huis van het Boek and Museum Rijswijk. Keep an eye on the upcoming dates here or on Instagram. These events are a great chance to combine a museum visit with a couple of hours making collages with like-minded creatives. The pop-ups are held in cooperation with the museum (sometimes in the atelier) or in the cafe. The events are for everyone and free of charge. We follow these guidelines;

Bring your own. If you’re new to collage-making, then bring a magazine or two, a pair of scissors and a glue stick – that’s all you need!

Buy your own. You’ll need to pay for your museum ticket (if you don’t already have a Museumkaart that is) and any refreshments. Apart from that, there’s no cost.

Leave no trace. We leave the space as we found it, or even cleaner than before!

"A lovely afternoon! It ticks all the boxes: nice place, nice people and making collage."- Petra